Degree programmes
1.    Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBAM)        

Diploma programmes

1.    Diploma in Business Administration and Management        
2.    Diploma in Procurement and Supply Management             
3.    Diploma in Human Resource Management     
4.    Diploma in Office Management            
5.    Diploma in Marketing


  1. Diploma in Community Development
  2. Diploma in Community Health
  3. Diploma in Project Management


1.    Diploma in Hospitality Management – students taking this course shall be prepared to undertake practical on weekly basis at TRC and French classes physically offered at either of the campuses.
2.    Diploma in Tourism Management - Student undertaking this course should be prepared to undertake French physical classes offered at either of the campuses.


1.    Diploma in Travel & Tour guiding management

1.    Certificate in Business Management                     
2.    Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies Management         
3.    Certificate in Information Technology
4.    Certificate in Development Studies
5.    Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies

  1. Project proposal development and writing skills
  2. Effective management of CBO/NGOs
  3. HIV/AIDS, guidance and counseling
  4. Research methods skills
  5. Drug and substance abuse
  6. Voluntary counseling and testing
  7. Effective leadership skills and development
  8. Resource mobilization and fundraising
  9. Strategic planning and management of projects   
  10. Conflict management and peace building
  11. Maternal nutrition and childcare practice