Why Zetech Digital School

Zetech University Open Learning Approach

Open learning approach enables students to have the benefit of learning flexibility and options over major learning decisions such as; what to learn, when to learn, at what pace, where, and how. The Zetech Open Learning module takes place through Distance Learning which is characterised by physical or geographical separation between the student and the trainer. This physical separation is substituted by proven learning platforms alternatives that include print, audio, video, mobile applications, broadcast radio, television, computers and Internet platforms which ably provide for student - lecturer interface.

Zetech University Digital School is an instrumental avenue in the access of higher education in Africa. It provides a timely choice and access to higher education for students who otherwise wouldn’t get an opportunity due to life commitments such as work, family or even physical limitations. The school has been established with aim of providing flexibility to learners in terms of scheduling and duration of their studies, reduction in barriers to the location of the academic institution and reduced cost of transportation and accommodation.

Further, this mode of study embraces the needs of older learners who may not have the time or indeed the physical obligation to be in class to enhance their studies. The school purposefully provides shift in the manner of study where learners have greater responsibility in the learning process. They are required to be more active, self disciplined and self directed with superior time management skills.

The school has been designed to enhance greater interaction and networking among students not only within their societal boundaries but also beyond. Certainly, it provides student with an opportunity for to polish their information technology skills. We are happy to note that the Zetech Digital School fills the gap of providing equal access to education in the society as our virtual courses are affordably priced compared to regular classes while accessible to all.

This mode of study has been aided by the proliferation of internet connectivity and further the mobile services which have helped in producing an anytime and anywhere expectation for access to information.