The Center for Digital studies recognizes the fact that, education is an integral and instrumental motivating factor in spearheading national economic development. Appreciation of education as a core strategy in building human capital is inevitable.

The creation of the center was anchored on Zetech University’s mission of providing a holistic education to its graduates by fostering a culture of integrity, hard work, research, innovation, and creativity towards problem solving. The center is strategically modeled to equip graduates with critical skills to invent new technologies and ideas, which will actively propel Africa to a medium income status.

The center appreciates the dynamic nature of the current job market entailing; increasing desire for learners to be in control of their learning processes, increase in demand by non conventional students, the ever changing demand for skills and knowledge in the work place and the changing modes of accessing education all over the world. The center thus has benchmarked itself with world class standards and practices to respond to the ever-changing demands of 21st century student and the job market.

To become the preferred digital based provider of higher education in Africa
To leverage on technology to offer easily and accessible higher education to ambitious students irrespective their geographical location in sync with the dynamic and multifaceted political, economic, social and cultural spheres of life.
To facilitate the provision of high quality skill based education by leveraging on technology